South Rowan Academy of Child Development, LLC

2021 Closings*

*The same fees apply for any week/month, including the holidays/closings below. Tuition must be paid each week regardless of days attended or days closed.

Upcoming Closings:
  • Good Friday – Friday, April 2
  • Easter – Monday, April 5
  • Memorial Day – Monday, May 31
  • Independence Day – Monday, July 5
  • Labor Day – Monday, Sept. 6

NOTE: Holidays/days closed are subject to change. We try to give parents at least a month’s notice if we will be closed. These closings affect ALL of our programs, including Before/After School programs. The NC Pre-K program follows the Rowan-Salisbury Schools calendar of closings and early releases.

Pay Tuition

To pay your child’s tuition or any other fee with our online Parent Portal through Enrollsy.

Our Menu (Monthly)

See what your child is eating! Let us know if your child has any food allergies or sensitivities. Substitutions will be made.

South Rowan Academy’s Monthly Parent Report is our monthly parent newsletter. It includes a relevant article with tips for parents, as well as “Parent Reminders” for the upcoming month and “Community Events.” Our office cat, Pete, has his own section called “Pete’s Post” where you can see what Pete the Cat has been up to. Children and staff birthdays are also included in the newsletter.

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Find out about events happening at South Rowan Academy and in the surrounding communities.

Parent Resource Page

For a list of resources relevant to families and young children, check out our resource page.

Before/After School Parents-

If you are interested in school closings:

The following are forms you may need. These can filled out online or downloaded. Email your completed form(s) to

General Forms:

Parent Information Form (DSS-Subsidy Only)

Child Withdrawal Form

Parent Vacation Request

Discipline Behavior Policy

School Closing Transportation Form

Blanket Transportation Form

Transportation Emergency Info Form

Regular Pay Financial Agreement

DSS-Pay Financial Agreement (Preschool)

DSS-Pay Financial Agreement (After)

Before-After School Financial Agreement

Child Nutrition Forms:

CACFP Child Enrollment & Income Eligibility Application*


Parent Request for Milk

Medical Form-Meal Modifications

Nutrition Opt-Out Form

Infant Feeding Plan

Infant Formula Form

Medical Forms:

Child’s Medical Report

School Closing Shot Record Release

Medication Administration log

Permission to Administer Topical Ointment

Medical Action Plan General

Medical Action Plan-Allergy & Anaphylaxis-non food

Medical Action Plan-Food Allergy

Medical Action Plan-Asthma

Medical Action Plan-Seizure

Medical Action Plan-Diabetes

In case of an emergency, please read our Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan. This plan includes how we contact parents in emergencies, off-site emergency locations, procedures during a variety of emergency situations, etc.