South Rowan Academy of Child Development, LLC
Where play and learning come together.

kids at preschoolSouth Rowan Academy of Child Development accepts children between the ages of 15 months to five years old, allowing their seemingly endless energy to be converted to learning opportunities. They will get to meet new friends and practice healthy habits of socialization, develop language skills, and acquire proper social conduct which they will need as they grow up and develop. Our teaching staff uses games and plays to help children learn and recognize letters, colors, shapes, numbers, the basics of science and mathematics, as well as art. Our teachers are also potty training pros, working with families to move kids from diapers to underwear and keeping up with the training moms and dads at home.

Preschoolers enjoy getting along with other children their age. This moment of their lives is where deep curiosity comes at its strongest that they would always tend to ask questions and seek answers. Our preschool program in itself is a good starting ground for kids to be able to learn freely and to do whatever they want with guided discipline. We have provided age-appropriate tools, toys, and materials that will match each of their learning interests, capabilities, and more.

Rowan County has some of the lowest childcare rates in the state. Most children stay in our care for an average of 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. When you compare our rates with the rates of a typical babysitter who may charge $10 and up and hour, our rates come out to be between $3-4/day! And we are MUCH more than a babysitter! Browse through our programs to discover all that we teach your child before he/she is 5 years old.

Our Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum for Preschool provides teachers with a clear and concrete way to apply child development and learning theories to their everyday work with preschool children. The Creative Curriculum applies these theories to an environmental framework that focuses planning around indoor and outdoor interest areas that include the following:

  • Blocks
  • Dramatic Play
  • Art
  • Library
  • Manipulatives
  • Sand and Water
  • Music and Movement
  • Housekeeping

Because of its practical approach, teachers find it easy to understand and to implement. This curriculum targets children’s social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language development.

A Beka Book Curriculum

(3-year-old + classes)

We also have the Christian-based A Beka  Book curriculum for preschoolers.  With this curriculum, we offer separate programs for each age group, beginning with our 3-year-old class. The A Beka Book program is developed for each age group and advances further with each year. The materials work together to give a thorough, enjoyable and highly teachable phonics approach to reading. Beginning with simple numbers, colors, letters, and shapes, the program progresses to letter sounds, reading, and writing.

This program helps preschoolers discover the joy of learning. The lively academic A Beka Book materials give children a good foundation in basic skills and motivate them to look forward to kindergarten and elementary school.  The A Beka Book curriculum has everything your child needs to make school delightful learning experience. It offers a variety of subjects, including reading, numbers, art, bible, writing, phonics, music, science, health, manners and safety.

FunShine Express: Buttercups

(1 and 2-year-old classes)

Buttercups is an interactive activity and curriculum kit for children ages 0-36 months, which develop gross and fine motor skills, as well as provide music, language, art, cognitive, social, and sensory experience. The daily lesson plans include more activities to choose from and provide suggestions for different ages and abilities.

Other curriculum/programs:

Our teachers are constantly looking for other materials and ideas that can be used appropriately and effectively in their classes. The Creative Curriculum and the A Beka Book curriculum are an important part of our program, but certainly not the only part. We try to make sure that every child gets to sing and have music time every day, and that all the children have stories read to them each day.

The Rowan Public Library helps us to enhance the children’s love of books and reading by making a stop each month at our center via the Book Mobile.  Each child is allowed to choose two books at each of these stops, plus many other books are left that go into our library centers. We do, on occasion, have speakers to visit us, including, among others, a policeman, a nurse, and a postman.

Physical development is also emphasized at SRA. We have large and well-equipped playgrounds outside that offer the children ample opportunities for fresh air and exercise. Our two trike tracks, along with tricycles, are popular with the children.

Field trips are also an important part of our program. A few times a year our three and four-year-old preschoolers will take field trips. Most of our trips are educational, as well as fun for the children. In the past, we have visited the fire department, police station, nursing homes, and Patterson Farms, to name a few.

Preschool programs (15 months-5 years):

Registration Fee (annual): $30 per child

Deposit ($150-$185 – based on age)

To enroll, parents must pay the registration fee PLUS one week’s tuition (both are NON-REFUNDABLE if your child does not attend. The tuition can be used toward your first week if your child starts here.)

NOTE: The following fees are due EACH week regardless of attendance or center closings. You are paying for your child a spot (like a membership), NOT the days your child actually attends!

Age Group Weekly Rates
15 months to two years $185.00
Two to three years $165.00
Three to five years $150.00

*NOTE: The above rates are FULL-TIME rates. We do not offer part-time preschool. If you want your child to come 2-3 days/week, you will still need to pay the full-time rates!

**DSS-subsidy may be available. Please contact the Department of Social Services. NOTE: Only enroll your child in a DSS program if you will have subsidy assistance for your child).


Advance Discount: $20 total discount for those who pay four or more weeks in advance.


Multi-Child Discount: $10 weekly discount for each additional child enrolled with the same family (this discount will go toward the oldest child’s tuition or the lowest tuition rate).

*NOTE: The above discounts CANNOT be taken together. To receive the Advance Discount, all four weeks (or more) MUST be paid in advance (by the Friday before the first week paid). To receive the Multi-Child Discount, children must be enrolled in either the preschool or one of our before/after school programs (no discounts given for those enrolled in subsidy). Discounts are taken off the LOWEST tuition (if this is monthly, it taken off ONCE per month).

Other Fees:

Bi-Annual Book Fee – Covers the cost of curriculum, supplies, and materials, due each fall and spring semester

  • Owls (15 months to 2 years): $20 per child
  • Turtles (2-3 years): $30 per child
  • Tigers (3 years): $40 per child
  • Frogs & Foxes (4-5 years): $50 per child

If you are interested in our preschool, please put your child on our waiting list. We will add your child to our master list according to age. When we have an opening, we will call based on the date the child was put on the list.

If your child has been approved for enrollment, you can enroll online here: Enroll Now

You will receive ADDITIONAL paperwork that must be completed before your child can start. Please make sure you are aware of tuition due dates and you start your child on a date when you can pay the tuition at the proper time.