South Rowan Academy of Child Development, LLC
Uncovering your child’s inner prodigy.

Children have innate gifts and potentials waiting to be unlocked. By exposing them to a childcare center with a well-facilitated and an effective curriculum, they are honed to reach the utmost level of their potential. That is why we see to it that every child receives specialized attention, genuine care, and high-quality education from our competent professionals and helpful learning facilities.

For your convenience, we conduct an open enrollment throughout the year. We accept children between the ages of 15 months to 12 years old and do not accept infants. When we have an opening, it is required to avail a $30 non-refundable registration fee and one-week’s tuition to hold a spot for up to two weeks. These fees are non-refundable if a child does not start, but if a child does start, the tuition deposit can be credited toward the child’s first full week.

South Rowan Academy of Child Development believes that every child is unique and acquires specialties that set him or her apart from the rest. With different learning styles, skills, and interests, we have established a curriculum that aims to support their skills. For working parents who have limited time to take care of their children, we have reliable options for their growing ladder of learning and their ever-changing needs.

You can choose from any of the following childcare programs:

If you want to check on the spaces available for enrollment, please contact us at