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We have a new payment portal, Child Pilot, which we are working on getting integrated into our website. For now, our online tuition payment page is under construction.

Child Pilot will include access to a parent portal where you’ll sign in to:

  1. See your account balance
  2. Make payments
  3. Control your auto-pay settings
  4. Edit payment methods
  5. Print out end-of-year tax statements.
  6. Communicate with SRA staff.
  7. Update your child’s paperwork.

Credit and debit card companies charge us nearly 3% of every credit/debit card transaction that we accept. Because of this, we now charge a convenience fee of 2% for all credit and debit card payments. Unfortunately, these card companies do not differentiate between credit and debit card purchases.
Additionally, ACH (bank account) transactions are costly for us and we are no longer able to offer them.
We recommend that parents pay with a card (with incurs a small fee), cash, or good, old fashioned checks.

Account Manager: Emily Shirley

Phone: 704-855-3276