South Rowan Academy of Child Development, LLC

Meet Our Staff

Diann Safrit
Owner, Co-Director
Associates in Early Childhood Education, Credentials

Amanda Earnhardt
Co-Director, Employed since 2006
Masters in Christian Counseling, Bachelors in Psychology
Level 3 Administrator, Credentials

Serena Edwards
Office Manager, Employed since 2006
Bachelors in Religion & Journalism, Credentials

Marissa Donaldson
PreK Administrator, Employed since 2012
Bachelors in Nursing, Level 3 Administrator, Credentials

Chad Safrit
Lead Teach of NC PreK class, Employed since 1998
Bachelors in Birth-Kindergarten, Bachelors in Business, Credentials

Kristie Donaldson
Assistant PreK Teacher, Employed since 2002
Level 2 Administrator, Credentials, Currently enrolled at RCCC

Mandy Safrit
Lead Teacher of Foxes Class (4-5 Years), Employed since 2002
Associates in Early Childhood Education, Level 2 Administrator, Credentials

Cindy Blais
Assistant Teacher, Fox class
Employed since 2018
Retired foster parent

Kadie Campbell
Lead Teacher of Tigers Class (3-4 Years)
Employed since 2008, Credentials

Stephanie Bourdier
Lead Teacher of Toucans Class (2-3 Years)
Employed since 2015, Credentials, Currently enrolled at RCCC

Starla Mason
Lead Teacher of Turtles Class (2-3 Years)
Employed since 2017,
Associated in Early Childhood Eduation, Credentials

Bonnie Holt
Floater, Employed since 2018, Credentials, Currently enrolled at RCCC

Maria Albarron
Lead Teacher of After School Program at SRA
Employed since 2016, Credentials