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Preschool programs (15 months-5 years):

Registration Fee (annual): $25 per child

Deposit ($134-$152 - based on age)  

To enroll, parents must pay the registration fee PLUS one-week's tuition (both are NON-REFUNDABLE if your child does not attend. The tuition can be used toward your first week if your child starts here.) 

NOTE: The following fees are due EACH week regardless of attendance or center closings. You are paying for your child a spot (like a membership), NOT the days your child actually attends!

Age Group                                Weekly Rates

15 months to Two years            $152.00

Two to Three years                    $141.00

Three to Five years                    $134.00

*NOTE: The above rates are FULL-TIME rates. We do not offer part-time preschool. If you want your child to come 2-3 days/week, you will still need to pay the full-time rates! 

**DSS-subsidy may be available. Please contact the Department of Social Services.


Advance Discount: $20 total discount for those who pay four or more weeks in advance.


Multi-Child Discount: $10 weekly discount for each additional child enrolled with the same family (this discount will go toward the oldest child's tuition or the lowest tuition rate). 

*NOTE: The above discounts CANNOT be taken together. To receive the Advance Discount, all four weeks (or more) MUST be paid in advance (by the Friday before the first week paid). To receive the Multi-Child Discount, children must be enrolled in either the preschool or one of our before/after school programs (no discounts given for those enrolled in subsidy). Discounts are taken off the LOWEST tuition (if this is monthly, it taken off ONCE per month). 

Other Fees:

Bi-Annual Book Fee - Covers the cost of curriculum, supplies, and materials, due each fall and spring semester

Owls (15 months to 2 years): $30 per child

All other classes (2-4 years): $40 per child

Graduates only (4-5 years): $50 per child


Before/After School programs (5-12 years):

The After School program offered at South Rowan Academy is for subsidized children only. To qualify, parents must contact the Department of Social Services at 704-216-8330.

We offer two before/after school programs off site at Bostian Elementary and China Grove Elementary in their gyms. 

Full-Time Rates (11 days or more per month):

Before School                              $62/month

After School                               $124/month

Before & After School                 $186/month

(NOTE: The rates above are FULL-TIME rates based on attendance of 11 or more days a month. These rates DO NOT include school holidays. Full day holiday care is a separate fee of $25 per day for those enrolled and $30 per day for those not enrolled (or teacher's kids).

Part-time (10 days or less per month):

Before School: $41/month

After School: $82/month


Summer Camp (5-12 years):                   

Registration: $25/child (one time fee, if not already enrolled in after school)

Full-time Rate: $135 per week per child ($10 discount on each additional child enrolled in full-time). INCLUDES field trip and transportation costs PLUS three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and snack)!

NOTE: Full-time Tuition is due weekly for a minimum of 9 weeks (excludes one week tuition-free vacation). Full-time is NOT based on attendance; you are paying for a spot for the entire summer camp. 

Part-time* Rate: $35 per day per child; Weekly part-time rate: $170 per child (no discount given). Also includes field trip/transportation costs and meals!

(Please note that we offer part-time ONLY if we have space available after full-time slots have been filled. Parents must call us and let us know when their child is coming each week.)  




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