South Rowan Academy of Child Development, LLC
Where play and learning come together.

kids at preschoolSouth Rowan Academy of Child Development accepts children between the ages of 15 months to five years old, allowing their seemingly endless energy to be converted to learning opportunity. They will get to meet new friends and practice healthy habits of socialization, develop language skills, and acquire proper social conduct which they will need as they grow up and develop. Our teaching staff uses games and plays to help children learn and recognize letters, colors, shapes, numbers, the basics of science and mathematics, as well as art. Our teachers are also potty training pros, working with families to move kids from diapers to underwear and keeping up with the training moms and dads at home.

Preschoolers enjoy getting along with other children their age. This moment of their lives is where deep curiosity comes at its strongest that they would always tend to ask questions and seek answers. Our preschool program in itself is a good starting ground for kids to be able to learn freely and to do whatever they want with guided discipline. We have provided age-appropriate tools, toys, and materials that will match each of their learning interests, capabilities, and more.

We offer quality full-time care for our preschoolers. We only offer part-time care for exceptional circumstances during the summer and not during the school year. To find out if we have any openings, please do not hesitate to reach us.